Training cannot be truly effective unless you are given the opportunity to practice in the workplace - and learn from your experiences

We take a three-stage approach to every management development programme ensuring that the learning outcomes achieved are firmly embedded in the way that you manage your people. Delegates are asked to choose a work-based objective for the duration of the programme to help them practice their skills. This results in dramatic performance improvements and real business outcomes for both the delegate and the organisation.

Analysis & feedback

Before providing any form of training solution, we carry out a full 360º feedback exercise on every delegate. This enables us to identify development needs, provide clear and constructive feedback on their current performance and give them a personal action plan to supplement their classroom learning.

Classroom training

Once in the classroom, our training is highly interactive and focuses on finding pragmatic solutions to everyday management issues. Through six modules, we translate management theory into jargon-free learning that delegates will really understand.

Demonstrating results

Peppermint ask delegates to choose real business objectives to test their learning in the workplace. We then use a variety of methods, including panel assessment and written assignments, to demonstrate tangible business outcomes from the programme.