Peppermint Learning's programme doesn't just benefit the manager

The Organisation gains...

  • Collaborative working across teams and staff with clear objectives designed to meet organisational goals
  • Individuals focussed on achieving outcomes rather than just completing tasks
  • Managers that motivate their staff and recognise good performance
  • Prompt and effective management of poor performers
  • Managers who understand the process of change and how to manage it effectively

The Team gains...

  • Clear direction and a full understanding of what needs to be achieved for the organisation
  • A feeling of being well organised and highly motivated
  • A manager that gives constructive feedback on how they are performing
  • Personal development plans that will improve and stretch their skill sets

The Manager gains...

  • Constructive feedback on their performance and a personal action plan
  • A framework against which to benchmark their current skill set
  • A thorough understanding of management theory and how best to apply it in the workplace
  • Improved performance in areas such as coaching, delegation and communication
  • Valuable networking opportunities with other managers
  • A nationally recognised qualification